Emeritus Professor (Dr) Gary Goh is a business entrepreneur and academic who works tirelessly to enrich the skills and knowledge of people, business owners and organisations.

He is a Board member in various organisations in Australia.

About Emeritus Professor (Dr) Gary Goh

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Emeritus Professor (Dr) Gary Goh's philosophy in life and life lessons

Emeritus Professor (Dr) Gary Goh is revered as an inspirational educator and entrepreneur.


He promotes the following philosophy in the education and corporate world.

  • By experiencing different cultures, we understand and appreciate those cultures.
  • By meeting people from different cultures, we realise that we have much in common.
  • Across humanity, we share many similarities: a love of family, desire for work, the need for safety, security and happiness.
  • By visiting foreign cultures and meeting with others, we gain understanding and we improve our ability to interact fruitfully with others.
  • Educators become better at their work when they understand better the background of the learners they teach.

He encourages individuals, training institutions and corporations to foster international relations.

He hopes everyone will share his same philosophy in life:

To be caring and compassionate with the capacity to unconditionally love all sentient beings and understands ‘Beliefs don’t make anyone a better person; the person’s behaviour does.’


[Reference: Life Lessons; Book ISBN number: 978-1-4809-7710-5]

He shares the following life lessons with all learners.

On Attitude

Life is about tenacity and resilience. Every time certain doors close, you shouldn’t think that’s the be-all and end-all. There could be something else out there better for you.

On work

You go into college or university with a lot of passion but the moment you graduate and start to manage clients, when they put their faith in your hands, that is when it really becomes a calling.

On empathy

If you are able to bridge the silos, you become the power broker. Many times, it is about putting people at ease and that happens when they know you are their advocate and are trying to make their lives better.

On cooperation

I always tell learners this canoeing story. We need everyone aboard to row. If one person on the canoe boat decides to just watch the view, he or she is better off the boat.


Failures can be the pillars of success.
To learn from our failures is to achieve success.
Never to have failed is never to have won.
Unless we experience failure and its bitterness, we would never appreciate the sweetness of victory.
Failures not only help us to succeed, they make us energetic, enthusiastic and rich in experiences.


Comparing yourself with others can be a source of unnecessary worry.
Realise that equality, inferiority and superiority are all changing.
We are all equal, inferior and superior to each other at different times.
So why worry when there are no worries.